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Leadership Skills for Solicitors

Perfect Leadership Skills for Solicitors

The role of a solicitor has evolved in recent years requiring new areas of expertise, and one of these is leadership skills. Be it a city centre firm, or a rural family run practice, leadership skills are crucial for

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Slow business periods in law firms

How Solicitors Can Maximise Slow Business Periods

In any industry, slow business periods are simply inevitable. For the legal profession, quiet times often occur when the majority of clients are on vacation, and therefore not requiring legal services. Rather than viewing these lulls with trepidation, solicitors

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Interview skills for solicitors

Perfect Interview Skills for Solicitors

Whether you are taking your first steps into the legal profession, switching law firms, or seeking advancement in your career, mastering specific interview skills for solicitors is crucial. From the pre-interview preparation to the final handshake, how you approach

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Top Tips For Inspiring Teamwork in Your Law Firm

In businesses across every sector, fostering a culture of teamwork is a key component for the success of the organisation. This is particularly relevant within the legal profession, where reaching a successful outcome in a case relies heavily on

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