Rules of Membership

Membership of the Solicitors’ Growth Community is strictly subject to adherence with these rules.

  1. The Solicitors’ Growth Community (SGC) is a community of forward thinking lawyers run by Solicitors Growth Limited (Solicitors Growth).
  2. Admittance to membership is subject to approval by Solicitors Growth and shall be at the absolute discretion Solicitors Growth.
  3. Everything shared by members in SGC is confidential and shall be maintained as such by all members and not divulged to anyone outside of SGC.
  4. Members are here to share with and help one another. It is a community of mutual support.
  5. Members are urged to take action. None of the ideas, techniques and methods shared with you in SGC will be of any benefit to you if you don’t put them to use in your business.
  6. Members are encouraged to share ideas and experiences and to mentor less experienced members. When other members share things that have worked for them or give you the benefit of their experience and you would like to try something similar, don’t just copy another member’s ideas or methods without permission, get their consent first. Members are required to act with mutual courtesy and respect. Collegiality is our prime directive.
  7. While debate is encouraged it must be conducted maturely and civilly respectful of the other members. In particular abusive language, aggressive tone and discriminatory views may result in suspension and ultimately cessation of membership at the sole discretion of Solicitors Growth.
  8. Access to membership resources, including the archives and CPD certificates, is subject to continued membership.
  9. Your individual membership subscription is set when you join and will never increase as long as you remain a continuous member in good standing. If you cease membership and apply to re-join and are approved, the membership subscription payable will be the rate applying at re-admittance.
  10. If you cease membership within the first month of membership you shall be entitled to claim a full refund of all membership subscriptions paid by you in your first month, if any. Membership is annual for 12 months and after the first month guaranteed period membership subscriptions are payable for the remaining 12 months.
  11. Members shall not use the community to offer or promote products or services to other members that have not first been approved by Solicitors Growth.
  12. Breach of any of these rules may result in immediate termination of membership at the absolute discretion of Solicitors Growth. In the event of termination at the discretion of Solicitors Growth the current month’s membership fee shall be refunded (if paid in advance for the year the current month together with any future remaining months for that year) and no other refunds shall be made. Access to the community and resources shall be withdrawn immediately.
  13. Members agree to the terms of use and privacy policy.
  14. All property, copyright and all other intellectual, proprietary and moral rights in any and all content and materials provided to and shared with members by Solicitors Growth via SGC or otherwise or created as part of SGC (“the Content”) shall at all times remain the property of Solicitors Growth. Each individual members is granted an exclusive licence to use such content and materials for their own personal and professional use only for the duration of their membership. This licence is exclusive and personal to each individual member and may not be assigned. You agree not to disseminate or share any of the Content with any third party or provide any third party with access to the Content via any of the links provided to you as a member of SGC or otherwise. Members may save copies of the Content to their devices for their own personal or professional use but agree not to otherwise reproduce, copy or store the content or provide third parties with access thereto.
  15. SGC is dedicated to developing, promoting and fostering innovative and ethical success systems for members in accordance with best practice and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Members shall not engage in any unlawful or unethical activities in SGC and you shall indemnify Solicitors Growth to the fullest extent possible for any liability, loss, damage or associated costs arising as a result of breach of this term by you.
  16. SGC is dedicated to helping its members become ever more competitive in the highly competitive markets in which they work. SGC promotes and fosters effective competition by members in the marketplace for legal professional services. Members shall not use the SGC community or events to engage in any anti-competitive or unlawful concerted practices or to co-ordinate on pricing or markets or to hold anti-competitive meetings and you shall indemnify Solicitors Growth to the fullest extent possible for any liability, loss, damage or associated costs arising as a result of breach of this term by you.
  17. SGC facilitates an unmoderated members community platform (Community Platform) which all current members are entitled and encouraged to join. The names of all members of SGC who are currently members of the Community Platform will be visible to all other members of the Community Platform and members of SGC joining and continuing to use the Community Platform agree to the use of all personal data submitted by them to the Community Platform for the purposes of the delivery of the service and performance of the agreement. Any personal data submitted by members to the Community Platform by way of posts made in the course of their use of the platform shall not be capable of subsequent retrieval or deletion on cessation of membership or otherwise . Members joining and continuing to use the Community Platform must identify themselves using their correct personal names and aliases are not permitted. Solicitors Growth do not verify the identities of members for the purposes of participation in the Community Platform and make no representation or warranty to members as to the accuracy of any list of members visible at any time and accept no liability whatsoever in respect thereof.
  18. All members are individuals and Solicitors Growth does not accept any liability to any member for the actions or statements of any other member or group of members. You agree that Solicitors Growth shall not be responsible for anything communicated by any other member on the Community Platform. You agree not to make any defamatory statements in respect of any other member and, in the event that you do, you agree to indemnify Solicitors Growth to the fullest extent possible for any liability, loss, damage or associated cost arising as a result.
  19. All information, documentation and downloads available in SGC are intended for general guidance only. They are not, and cannot be relied upon as if they were, legal, marketing or professional advice. If you use any information, documentation or downloads available in SGC you do so entirely at your own risk. Solicitors Growth excludes to the fullest extent permitted by law all liability for loss or damage howsoever arising out of the use of SGC, its website, Community Platform or e-mail subscription messages or any information, documentation or downloads provided via any of these sources or reliance on the contents of any of them.
  20. Any decision on approval of membership, termination of membership, interpretation of the rules or otherwise in relation to membership shall be at the absolute discretion of Solicitors Growth who shall not be required to give reasons for any decision and whose decision shall be final.
  21. With the exception of rules numbered 9 and 10 above, these rules shall be subject to change from time to time and changes shall be notified to members via email. Continued membership shall be deemed to be acceptance of any changes. Rules currently numbered 9 and 10 above will never change as long as you remain a continuous member in good standing.
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