Your Invitation to Become a Member of
Solicitors’ Growth

Dear Valued Colleague,

Did you always dream of being a lawyer? Maybe you wanted to be that heroic trial lawyer you saw on the screen. Maybe you wanted to make a difference in the world and help people. Or, maybe you just wanted to make a decent living for yourself.

Whatever the reason you became a solicitor, you’re probably pretty good at it by now. You’ve learned your profession well and maybe you’re living your dream. You’re certainly helping people and for them at least you are making a very important difference in the world.

But it can be a lonely profession, can’t it? We don’t need to tell you.

We often say about ourselves as solicitors that we are paid to worry about other people’s problems. It feels that some people are happy to dump their problems on us and we end up worrying about them far more than they do; often not getting paid to do it at all – or certainly not getting paid well enough.

It can be an overwhelming, all-consuming job.

You regularly feel like you would need a machete to chop through thickets of unread emails and unanswered phone calls.

And of course, when we are away from our desk those emails are probably pinging on our phones, it is almost impossible to resist the urge to check, early morning and late at night. Turn your back on that inbox for a second and there is a proliferation of hundreds of unread emails. Take a holiday and, well, there are thousands.

And then there’s the Statute and the million other dates and deadlines we have to keep track of, relentless increasing burden of regulation and administration. We have AML, enhanced due diligence, Solicitors’ Account Regulations, S. 150 and let’s not get started on PII.

The constant worry is that we are going to miss something, something will fall through the cracks, we might drop the ball

You’re not alone. We get it. We know how it feels.

Oh, and then there’s our mandatory CPD requirement that we’ve got to ensure we complete every year. You know that feeling coming up to the end of the year, adding up bits of hours here and pieces of certs there to see if you have them all covered.

Sound familiar?

We’ve all been there.

And we all know that there has to be a better way.

We loved providing you with the CPD webinars throughout 2020 and we could see the community that grew up around them was something truly wonderful that needed to be fostered and developed for the benefit of all those who had come together around this unique phenomenon.

So we decided to create something new for you in 2021 that we are very excited about and that we think you are going to love.

We wish to invite you to become a member of Solicitors’ Growth.

Through The Solicitors Growth Webinars, we provide you with full compliance with all of your CPD requirements for the year while also bringing you together with your solicitors colleagues facing the same daily challenges of private practice to learn the tools and strategies you need to work smarter and with a clear direction so that you can create the life and career you want and can finally begin to enjoy it all!

What Do You Get

As part of this exciting new departure for legal professionals, you will get the following:-

A minimum of 20 hours CPD per annum (which will include all of your Management and Professional Development and Regulatory CPD Requirements for the year).
Access to the high quality, best-in-class material that you have become used to from these webinars delivered in an engaging, enjoyable and entertaining format.
You will have the benefit of effortless CPD compliance guaranteed – delivered directly to you and your team at your desks. Convenient, efficient, sorted for the year!
You will receive an individual personalised CPD Certificate on completion of viewing of each webinar.
Year-round, 24/7 access to replays of all webinars to watch on-demand. Plus audio recordings, to listen to on the go and written transcripts of each for future reference.
In addition to full CPD compliance for the year, your founder membership of Solicitors’ Growth will include Exclusive Free Membership of The Solicitors’ Growth Webinar Platform!

Webinars run on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month at 1pm, excluding August.

To say that we are very excited about this would be the understatement of the century. We believe that this has the potential to be one of the most important developments in peer to peer member support in this profession, well, ever! And we are seeing exactly this develop and grow everyday with our current members and this amazing community.


So, what is the Solicitors’ Growth
Webinar Platform?

You may come for the webinars but we expect you’ll want to stay for the support!

A completely confidential and independent platform for you and your peers to support and interatct with one another.
24/7 access, 365 days a year to ask questions, connect, get feedback and receive (and give) support from and to your colleagues.
The Solicitors Growth webinar platform is hosted on a dedicated networking platform with a desktop version and smartphone app.
Access is restricted exclusively to your fellow colleagues and Chatham House rules will apply.
This is totally private and separate from any public social media site. None of your information can be shared outside of the platform. No algorithms. No ads. No spam!

We want you to become a Valued Member of something that we believe is going to be truly transformative in helping you to not just survive but thrive.


What Are We Going To Cover?

(These are just samples of some of the types of topics we plan to cover, member preferences will be taken into account in determining precisely which 20 topics are chosen over the course of the year. We will ensure that all Management and Professional Devleopment and Regulatory CPD requirements for the year are covered.)
Transformational Time Management – Steps 2 and 3.
Making S.150 Work For Your Bottom Line – Creating template letters that make your life easier and more profitable.
How To Assemble A Superstar Team To Support You – Hiring and managing staff/outsourcing – VA’s/Temp staff.
Solicitors Accounts Regulations; what you need to know.
Handling Complaints Without Hassle – Recognising The Opportunity in Adversity.
Getting Rid of the Wrong Clients; Eliminating the Work you Don’t Want to Do.
Pivot to Digital – Taking Your Practice Online
Managing and Improving Cashflow and Profitability.
Practical Succession Planning – Strategies to Give You Options on Exit.
Latest Developments in Conveyancing and Property Law.
Latest Developments in Litigation and Dispute Resolution.
Work-Life Balance – Focussing on Personal Health, Fitness and Growth.
Converting Conveyancing Enquiries at Premium Prices – Escaping the Commodity Trap
New Solicitors’ Advertising Regulations; Get On the Inside Track In A Brave New World of Opportunity
Avoiding Another PII Trainwreck – Planning for successful and pain free renewal.
Bullet Proof AML – Getting Your Policies and Procedures Fully Compliant with the Latest Requirements.
GDPR in Practice – Managing the Risk of Compliance and Identifying Opportunities.
Latest Developments in Probate and End of Life Planning
Niches For Diversification – Exploring Other Specialisms and Opportunties for Growth
Leveraging Technology in Your Practice and Cybersecurity.
Effective Websites and Online Strategies for Solicitors – That Actually Generates New Business and Attracts New Clients.
Referrals, Networking and Collaboration – Making It Happen as and Effective Business Development Tool.
Email Marketing for Solicitors – Let’s Face It, It’s Why You’re Reading This. It Works Dude!
Google Ads and Pay Per Click Advertising – There’s a reason the guys in Google are Billionaires and You Can Profit from It Too.
Digital Content Marketing and SEO – Creating and Repurposing Content Effortlessly – The Savvy Way!
Social media for Solicitors; Building A Personal Brand.
And much, much more!

Doors are currently closed, but be sure to sign up to the waiting list to be notified of when we open the doors again


We really believe that we are creating something truly transformational here and we can’t wait to welcome you as part of it.

Yours Sincerely,

Flor McCarthy

Martin Lawlor

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